Vaioni enables businesses to minimise costs with free enterprise class hosted telephony solution for 3 months

Apr 8, 2020 | News

The last month has been trying for many businesses. Some of the more agile operations have comfortably transitioned to home working however, many businesses are not so well prepared.

With so much uncertainty in the market and a genuine risk of businesses losing revenue due to the Coronavirus outbreak, Vaioni – the Manchester-based Network Services Operator –  has taken the decision to lead by example and embody its “Be Extraordinary’ mantra by offering some of its most popular enterprise class hosted voice and next generation internet security services for free; enabling businesses throughout the country to minimise costs and better weather this economic storm.

Remote working is causing frustrations and headaches for small and large businesses alike, dealing with re-routing numbers to mobiles and organising new methods of communication and collaboration. VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol services add a level of simplicity and efficiency to operations by allowing businesses to route phone calls through existing internet connections, as well as take and make calls from other devices, such as desktops and laptops, as if calls were originating from the office. With PBX licences for each staff member free for three months plus free internal calls, businesses can reduce outgoing spend whilst also allowing staff to be more productive in their remote working practices.

As businesses have rushed to operate remotely, the cybersecurity landscape has not changed and businesses are now more vulnerable than ever before, with so much data now being transferred over public internet connections. In order to help strengthen businesses data protection, Vaioni are also offering a free cybersecurity consultancy service, to ensure the right safeguards are in place, as well as free VPN and firewall services over the same period. These will enable devices on public networks to receive the same safeguards, as if they were connected from the office, and help prevent unauthorised data access.

“The impact that Coronavirus could have on UK industry should not be underestimated. Small businesses especially are vulnerable to falling by the wayside and we want to do what we can to support as many businesses as we can, with the technology they need to stay in touch and operational, so that we can all come out the other side, even stronger.” Sachin Vaish, Managing Director.

These are trying times for many businesses and the risks of business failure are real. Vaioni wishes to support UK industry however it can and invites businesses of any size to contact its team to discuss how its VoIP, VPN and firewall services will help operations stay productive and secure, amid great market uncertainty, without having to worry about cost.

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