The most Comprehensive Secure SD-WAN solutions on the market

[Aligning your SD-WAN behind your business strategy]

As applications evolve and become the heartbeat of every organisation, businesses are demanding a solution that allows them to improve access and performance whilst managing their data consumption, at the same time improving availability, flexibility, visibility, and security.

It means there’s a requirement for a solution that is intuitive in approach and agile to changing business needs, supporting challenges and allowing scalability over multiple locations.

It’s why the SD-WAN market is rapidly expanding – meeting the growing demand for cloud-based services, digital transformation, and remote working.

SD-WAN is a networking technology that simplifies the management and operation of a wide area network (WAN), something once considered complex and expensive to manage.

It uses software and virtualisation to simplify a network’s management and reduce business costs. By dynamically routing traffic over multiple network connections based on application requirements and network availability, it helps optimise network performance and ensures critical applications receive the necessary bandwidth and priority.

It also provides enhanced security features such as encryption, firewall, and intrusion prevention, securing an organisation’s network and protecting against cyber threats.

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From eBooks to infographics, we’ve got the insights you need for making a decision on Secure SD-WAN. 

[ Why SD-WAN? ]

SD-WAN is designed to simplify network management, improve performance, and reduce costs, making it an attractive option for businesses with distributed branch offices and remote workers. SD-WAN will:

  • Simplify traffic flow management across branches, campuses, cloud applications, and data centres by using a centralised interface and various connection types.
  • Improve application performance, enhancing user experience, and reducing costs by automatically selecting the best path for each application based on policies, availability, and quality of service.
  • Deliver consistent and integrated security across your network by using encryption, policy enforcement and threat detection, leveraging built-in or cloud-based security solutions.
  • Utilise software-defined networking (SDN) to separate the network control plane from the data plane, providing programmability, automation, and flexibility of your network resources.

[ SD-WAN from Vaioni ]

Working with best-in-class technology vendor Fortinet, a global leader in SD-WAN and Network Security, we offer the biggest connectivity ecosystem and manage our own network, improving reliability and fault resolution. This includes:

  • Managed SD-WAN
    Simplifying your WAN architecture for SD-Branch and SD-WAN
  • Managed Secure SD-WAN
    Converging your network and security
  • Secure Hybrid SD-WAN
    Separating critical from non-critical traffic

Working with best-in-class technology vendor Fortinet, a global leader in SD-WAN and Network Security, we offer the biggest connectivity ecosystem and manage our own network, improving reliability and fault resolution.

Managed SD-WAN

  • A simplified WAN architecture for both SD-Branch and SD-WAN
  • Straight forward internet access
  • Improves visibility and control
  • Optimise applications and

Managed Secure SD-WAN

  • Converge both your network and security
  • Single fabric architecture
  • Secure cloud application access
  • Introduce ZTNA, NGFW, IPS, Secure Gateway

Secure Hybrid SD-WAN

  • Adopt a best practice strategy
  • Use MPLS to transport critical traffic
  • Guarantee performance & security to cloud applications
  • Separate non-critical

[Why Vaioni SD-WAN]

  • Fully Managed by design: We’re famous for building complex connectivity solutions for customers of all sizes using our own core network. So not only do we manage the SD-WAN, but we also manage the connectivity, MPLS and core network it runs through. That means a single provider for the end-to-end solution no matter the connectivity technology or carrier we use.
  • Ultra-reliable: Customers can expect an ultra-reliable service. The Vaioni Core Network delivers 100% uptime, and all services that connect are designed to achieve 99.999% uptime.
  • Improved business performance: SD-WAN can be configured to prioritise business-critical traffic and real-time over the most efficient route. By facilitating critical applications through reliable, high-performance connections, IT teams can help reduce packet loss and latency issues.
  • Reduce your technical debt: Digital transformation initiatives can add layers of complexity to a network. The result is not only a risk of poor network performance but over-taxed IT teams and the need for locating onsite personnel at remote sites to manage local IT infrastructure. SD-WAN can ease the IT burden by simplifying WAN infrastructure.
  • Enables cloud usage: SD-WAN enables direct cloud access at the remote branch – meaning workers can directly access cloud applications regardless of location without burdening the core network with additional traffic to manage and secure.
  • Reduces costs: SD-WAN can reduce costs associated with increasing data usage by leveraging low-cost local Internet access, providing direct cloud access, and reducing the amount of traffic over the backbone WAN.

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Vaioni is already trusted to manage over 2,000 connectivity services globally for the UK’s market-leading businesses. By working with us, you’ll have certainty that the infrastructure that drives your business today and tomorrow.