Clear SIP

An easy upgrade to internet-telephony while keeping your existing system

[ Maximising internet-based communications without jumping fully into the cloud ]

While many businesses have made the transition to cloud-based voice calls, for others driving investment from their traditional VoIP enabled telephone system remains a priority.

Clear SIP from Vaioni allows you to make and receive voice and video calls over the internet, allowing you to continue using your existing phone system.

It’s an affordable and agile choice if you’re looking to deliver collaborative working, adapt to hybrid working, easily scale your usage, reduce costs, or keep your existing phone system in place following the 2025 copper switch off.

[ Why Vaioni for Clear SIP? ]

Internet-based voice services are the future of communication, and all businesses need to be future-proofed beyond 2025.

Clear SIP is the first step towards for many businesses. It means you can take advantage of modern ways of communication without having to invest in a new system, ensuring your team has access to collaborative tools and greater insights.

It also provides cost savings compared to legacy voice solutions, allowing you to continue to use your existing telephony system through an internet-connection.

[ Product Benefits ]


  • Future-proof: protect your communications ahead of the 2025 ‘Switch Off’.
  • Use existing equipment: utilise next generation functionality such as video chat, instant messaging and collaboration tools using existing hardware.
  • Flexible: straight-forward provisioning that allows you to scale up and down with ease.
  • Integrate: take advantage of saas integrations like Office365 and Salesforce.

[ Testimonials ]

Vaioni is already trusted to manage over 2,000 connectivity services globally for the UK’s market-leading businesses. By working with us, you’ll have certainty that the infrastructure that drives your business today and tomorrow.