Are you ready for the end of ISDN?

Apr 26, 2021 | News

BT is turning off ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) phone lines in December 2025, which will mean the end of traditional landlines for business and consumers.

The end of 2025 might sound a long way off, and it’s not like you haven’t got other things to think about right now. The temptation might be to kick any thoughts of replacing your legacy ISDN into the long grass, and come back to it when Covid is done and dusted.

That could be a mistake. The ISDN switch off will come around quickly enough, but December 2025 isn’t the only date to look out for. Sales of new ISDN lines will stop completely in 2023, and BT has already stopped selling them in a couple of trial areas this year. Old school telephony is winding down.

That doesn’t change the final end-of-service date, but it should start to focus minds. The sooner you replace your legacy ISDN system, the sooner you can benefit from more effective and future-proof business communications.

What does the ISDN switch off mean for business?

The end of ISDN is the biggest shake up to telecoms in decades, but it isn’t the only thing disrupting the business communications market at the moment. In fact, you might be only vaguely aware of the ISDN switch off, but you’re almost certainly discussing post-lockdown strategy, and how best to provision your business for long-term home-based and hybrid working.

The happy coincidence here is that switching to all-IP services sooner rather than later can future-proof you for the ISDN switch-off and, at the same time, equip your business for more efficient and flexible post-lockdown working.

The alternatives to ISDN

So, what are the alternatives to the traditional telephone line? The short answer is VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), also known as internet-based telephony. But VoIP comes in different flavours, and you might not know what the best alternative is for you.

For example, SIP Trunking can support next generation voice services and unified communications, and can be used with an existing on-premise PBX. Meanwhile, a basic VoIP phone system (Skype is one example) offers a cost-effective alternative to an ISDN line with a basic selection of voice and data services.

But hosted voice (aka hosted PBX) is the most forward looking and future-proof ISDN replacement. Hosted voice supports unified communication and collaboration tools, offers sophisticated call handling features and can be accessed from anywhere, by anyone, on any device, as long as they have an internet connection. And by removing the need for on-site equipment, it also rids you of storage, maintenance and security headaches.

Clear Voice gives you the edge

Clear Voice is hosted VoIP from Vaioni that does everything any other high-end hosted voice solution can do, but at lower cost. It also integrates with Microsoft Teams, and comes with rich real time data and reporting functions. It’s been designed with modern, mobile, flexible organisations in mind.

If you’re working with an ageing ISDN-based system, or simply want to adopt unified communications and equip remote workforces, Clear Voice is the answer. It’s not so much an alternative to ISDN as a massive step forwards in terms of agility, scalability and collaboration.

And with Clear Voice, you also benefit from Vaioni’s wider expertise in connectivity and networking technology. For example, if a new internet-based telephony solution stretches your corporate network to the limit, we can advise you on the connectivity you need to ensure that smooth and clear video conferencing doesn’t slow down your day-to-day operations. Combining connectivity and hosted voice from Vaioni also means one bill, one point of contact and one highly responsive support centre.

With Vaioni’s support, the ISDN switch off is an opportunity, not an obstacle. Replace ISDN and, at the same time, adopt communications that will future-proof your business for the post-Covid world. Clear Voice from Vaioni is the cost-effective solution that meets both requirements.

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