VaiGuard Manager

Total control of your unified security platform

[ Immediate change access to your security fabric  ]

Some IT Teams require access to make real-time changes to their security fabric. This agility for quick implementation can be the difference between succumbing to a cyber-attack or preventing one.

VaiGuard Manager has been designed to empower IT Teams to make day-to-day changes to their Fortinet-powered VaiGuard Unified Security service in real-time without the need to ring our security operations centre.

[ Why Vaioni for VaiGuard Manager? ]


  • Built on Fortinet’s Security Fabric, VaiGuard Manager enables IT Teams to make changes to all aspects of the Firewall, FortiClient, FortiSwitches, FortiAPs and our Secure SD-WAN in just a few clicks, enforcing new security policies quickly and efficiently.

  • It also enhances change management by giving you the option of a two-stage change control process. For example, an IT Admin can create and submit the change, for it to go to an IT Manager or Team for review, before the new config is executed and made live.

  • And for additional protection, there is a slick roll-back feature in the event the changes implemented don’t have the desired impact.

[ Features and benefits ]


  • Centralised Management: a single pane of glass to centrally manage your critical security applications in one interface
  • Real-Time change: make changes in real-time via the cloud-based portal, whether one device or several thousand
  • Powerful Protection: support and protect IT Teams by giving the option of a change control process
  • Fully Cloud: it’s a fully managed, cloud-based platform that provides a reliable platform and is plugged directly into the Vaioni Core Network.

[ Testimonials ]

Vaioni is already trusted to manage over 2,000 connectivity services globally for the UK’s market-leading businesses. By working with us, you’ll have certainty that the infrastructure that drives your business today and tomorrow.