VaiGuard Vulnerability Management

Removing vulnerability across network architecture

[ Preventing cyber breaches through pre-emptive action  ]


One in three of all cyber breaches are attributed to unpatched vulnerabilities, and more than half of individuals believe vulnerability patch implementation could have prevented these incidents.

The complexity of modern network architectures is extraordinary, encompassing a wide array of elements such as endpoint and IoT devices, switches, access points, servers, external components, and web applications.

This level of complexity requires a multifaceted skill set from IT teams, who are tasked with managing this elaborate network landscape. Among the myriad of challenges they face, one of the most daunting is maintaining a network that is both up-to-date and thoroughly patched, a task that is becoming increasingly critical in the face of evolving cybersecurity threats.


[ Why Vaioni for VaiGuard Vulnerability Management? ]

VaiGuard Vulnerability Management is a comprehensive solution designed to enhance the security of your corporate digital infrastructure. It consists of four integral components: internal and external network infrastructure scanners, endpoint scanner, and web application scanner.

Collectively, these tools ensure thorough scanning and monitoring of all devices within your internal and external networks, including internet-facing applications and services. Each device or application undergoes a detailed analysis to idenitfy vulnerabilities, which are then ranked based on their severity. It means continuous vulnerability monitoring across your entire corporate environment, encompassing networks, endpoints, and web applications.

Through the VaiGuard Cyber Portal dashboard, you’ll receive comprehensive, real-time insights into your cybersecurity status. With clear and easy-to-read data and RAG scoring, we’ll swiftly identify risks across your network, suggesting crucial improvements. It’s an invaluable tool for understanding your security strength and the effectiveness of your cyber controls, providing evidence-based, actionable intelligence.

[ Features and benefits ]

  • Reporting: Proactive monitoring and reporting of critical systems updates and firmware revisions
  • Easy-to-use: Real-time access and reporting via a portal to visualise and categorise the risks with a RAG status
  • Clear visibility: In-depth, broad view and detection of vulnerabilities with the relevant patch identified
  • Compatible: Access to a single patching platform, able to patch O/S and applications from over 300 vendors, including Microsoft

[ Testimonials ]

Vaioni is already trusted to manage over 2,000 connectivity services globally for the UK’s market-leading businesses. By working with us, you’ll have certainty that the infrastructure that drives your business today and tomorrow.