Hosted voice reduces costs while increasing productivity

May 3, 2021 | News

In uncertain times, and few have been more uncertain than this, businesses naturally look to manage costs. That’s easy to understand. The pandemic has proved the value of having cash in the bank. Organisations that are fighting to recover from Covid need to bring in revenue while limiting outlay.

The good news in all this is that the right business communications technology can help you do both.

Traditional telephony costs

The first thing to remember is that traditional phone systems can be expensive. On-site equipment breaks. It requires maintenance and monitoring, and often the ongoing costs associated with an expensive maintenance contract. It has to be housed, cooled and protected – digitally and physically. Both on-site PBX equipment and handsets have to be replaced when they reach end of life.

On top of that, on-premise is inflexible. Many companies with traditional telephone systems invest in spare capacity they don’t use, just in case a sudden spike in demand forces them to add new seats quickly. Handsets have to be purchased for every user or prospective user.

Replacing one on-premise solution with another requires a significant upfront investment, and a long-term commitment. Many traditional communications systems don’t come with all the features and functionality a modern business needs, requiring added investment in third party tools to fill the gaps. If a new money-saving feature emerges down the line, an owned on-premise solution won’t necessarily support it.

And perhaps most important of all, traditional telephony risks incurring the indirect and significant costs associated with lost productivity. Cloud-based systems let workers switch instantly to remote working with no disruption to business. On-premises systems are much less flexible. The pandemic has shown that business continuity planning benefits immensely from hosted communications. That’s true whether the disruption comes from a once-in-a-lifetime health crisis or more common threats like fire, flood, theft or cybercrime.

The hosted voice difference

A good hosted voice solution lets your staff work from anywhere, on any device, at short notice. It gives them everything they need in one complete package. With Vaioni’s new Clear Voice service, for example, standard call management features and unified communications tools are included from the outset – no third-party add-ons required. Updates to features and functionality are included in the cost, so your system never needs replacing.

And crucially, costs are predictable and manageable. There’s no on-premise equipment so no CapEx outlay and no ongoing maintenance costs. A cloud-based communications service frees up both office space and manpower.

Specific to Clear Voice is our low-cost per-user-per-month charging model, which ensures that there are no surprises when it comes to billing. Cloud based systems scale quickly and easily, so you can add licenses when you need them and take them away when you don’t. With Clear Voice, you never pay for capacity you don’t use.

The productivity benefits of hosted voice

Hosted voice also offers productivity benefits that have a direct and immediate impact on the bottom line.

With Clear Voice, rich data and analytics help you keep on top of staff productivity, even with a remote workforce. Clear Voice allows managers to monitor efficiency and productivity at individual employee level.

The solution’s rich feature set also includes unlimited IVRs, to help businesses effectively manage inbound calls with minimal switchboard staff. The Clear Voice mobile app means employees in every department can remain productive even if they’re not at their desks.

Clear Voice gets the balance right

Good businesses tread a fine line between managing costs and equipping themselves with the tools they need to create excellent customer experiences that ultimately drive sales and profit.

In the communications arena, Clear Voice gets the balance right. It’s a cost-effective, feature rich alternative to both on-premise telephony and other hosted voice services currently in the market.

Lower cost is achieved without compromise. Clear Voice offers the same ‘work anywhere’ functionality, easy scalability and speedy deployment as much pricier counterparts. By giving staff a complete communications solution that they can access from anywhere and on any device, it opens up potential cost savings from new hybrid working models and BYOD.

Clear Voice includes features that allow remote staff to collaborate, including video calls and integration with Microsoft Teams and Office 365. Collaboration is the key to better, more effective work.

And it gives those employees the means to create rich, meaningful customer experiences. Automatic call routing directs customers to the right contact at the first attempt. Calls are recorded, stored and ordered chronologically to ensure relevant compliance regulations are always met. Call management features like Hunt Groups and Wallboards come as standard too.

Hosted voice helps businesses to become agile, by making cloud-based communications part of a broader digital transformation strategy. It also allows businesses to equip remote and office-based staff with professional unified communications at manageable cost.

Clear Voice from Vaioni is the ideal hosted voice service. It drives productivity and manages costs predictably with its pay-as-you-go model. Businesses need to equip themselves for the realities of post-lockdown life. Clear Voice lets you do so without undue strain on pinched budgets.

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