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Cybersecurity is more than a firewall, more than a suspicious email attachment and it’s more than employee awareness.

Cybersecurity now lies at the heart of supply-chain relationships, social value, executive performance, business reputation and organisational success. Cyber criminals and their approach to businesses are becoming more sophisticated and difficult to detect.

Working with the world-leader in cybersecurity Fortinet, we’ve compiled a resource hub to help your decision-making when navigating this fast-moving threat landscape.

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‘5 Questions to ask your cybersecurity provider’.
Understand the key questions of challenge, and the model answers you should be receiving.

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Download our whitepaper ‘The Shifting Shape of Cyber’ and explore the key themes that are shaping the threat landscape in 2023.

  • Why the shape of cyber is shifting
  • Understanding the kill chain
  • Zero Trust as a new standard
  • Cyber mesh architecture
  • Sandbox solutions
  • How to get started

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[ The Shifting Shape of Cyber]

Watch again! Vaioni’s Will Kennedy is joined by Chris Roberts from Fortinet, the global leader in cybersecurity, to explore the shifting landscape, the key themes for 2023 and how your business can prepare and protect itself.

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The Kill Chain


Behavioural Protection

Mesh architecture


Zero Trust


Business Pressure

Bug Bounties


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Working with our best-in-breed partners, our approach to cyber and data security means we can equip you with the tools to recognise, evade and respond to threats.

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We’ve teamed up the with world-leader Fortinet to develop a comprehensive suite of solutions to protect businesses, no matter where they are in their growth journey.

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