Commercial innovation means a cancellation request isn’t always the end of the story

Jun 13, 2023 | Wholesale

It’s a tough market out there. From post-pandemic changes in working environments, through to inflation and Openreach price increases, businesses are showing a real desire to pursue commercial improvements.

Did you know that in the last quarter, 54% of cancellations have been a result of “closed/vacated” sites?

It goes without saying, changes in working environment driven by the pandemic, along with general increases in the cost of living, have meant many businesses are downsizing office space, or going to a total work from home solution …and that’s if they are able to survive the challenging conditions.

Did you know that Vaioni can move a circuit with the end user to retain, or repurpose it into a new tenant or owner’s name?

Another common cancellation reason is that customers have “received a better offer”. Did you know we have a 40%+ retention success rate when our partners approach us for commercial improvements when they’re in a cancellation scenario?

If our partners can give us early visibility of customers vacating or looking at different commercials, we can work together to retain/repurpose wherever possible.

The Vaioni team is able to work with partners, and whatever your challenge we’re keen to review what can be done, and would always encourage you to talk to us. Whether it’s renewal pricing, repurposing, or potentially ‘cease and re-provide’, we can demonstrate commercial innovation, working together for the best outcome.

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